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Featuring more than 300 national and international club teams and over 5000 players from throughout the world, World Tour Soccer is poised to be the choice for fans and loyalists who truly know and love soccer. WTS 2002 brings the fervor of the world’s most popular sport to PlayStation 2 as teams battle for victory in an array of spectacular stadiums filled with loud, passionate fans boisterously supporting their team with electrifying chants while waving their team and country flags.


  • World-class player control and realism, with a revolutionary pass system and a variety of advanced soccer moves that gives complete control on the field
  • Dynamic game engine with day-and-night settings with working stadium lights plus realistic weather effects that put you in the slow, rain or fog, all of which affect player performance
  • Explosive graphics engine brings the crowd alive with excitement and the players' emotions to their living flesh
  • Complete Team Management functions let you switch on the fly and take advantage of any opening

Editor's Note:

Titled "This Is Football 2002" in Europe.

Added on: July 04, 2000

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Ain't this soccer some good shit, i mean really. i 'm a big fan of soccer game...

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