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The Tale of Despereaux, an interactive game based on Universal Pictures' animated adventure of the same name. The game will follow and extend the film's storyline in adventures spanning from the magical kitchen and colorful rooms of the castle to the dark dungeons of the rat lairs.

An introductory training mode, mouse-centric unique abilities, upgradeable skills and objects, and a lot of courage, will help Despereaux face off against a multitude of animal enemies and human foes on his quest to save Princess Pea. Multiple difficulty settings will ensure that a wide range of adventurers can enjoy Despereaux's heroics again and again.


The Tale of Despereaux invites you to explore the magical world of the film and venture beyond into never-before-seen locations for all-new adventures. Summon your courage as you set off on your quest in pursuit of Princess Pea and make your way through 15 exciting levels filled with action and enemies. Execute thrilling moves and combine them to add even more complexity to your combat experience, and wield a variety of upgradeable weapons as you battle your way to the finish and rescue the princess. Multiple difficulty settings make the game suitable for players of varied ages and ability levels, so everyone can enjoy the adventures of this minuscule hero with tremendous courage and heart.


  • Play as Despereaux Tilling, and live the adventure of a small but brave mouse who must use all of his wit and courage to save Princess Pea from the darkness of Rat World.
  • Follows the whimsical story from the film and also includes all?new adventures not seen in the film.
  • Features voice talent from the movie.
  • Explore all of the magical locations featured in the film and more.
  • Combo system adds complexity and strategy to combat.
  • Upgradable skills and weapons.
  • 15 unique action-packed levels filled with 27 different enemies.
  • Multiple difficulty settings with 8-10 hours of game play
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