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The Sword of Etheria centres on a party of three warriors who are charged with repelling an invasion by a race of evil Gods. Players control a master swordsman called Feel, who must make his way through a series of free-roaming 3D worlds, doing battle with whatever misshapen monsters he encounters. He is assisted throughout the game by the CPU-controlled Armilla and Leon; the former a vampiric heroine capable of leaping huge distances, while Leon is a powerful brawler who prefers to use his fists than weapons.


Clever AI routines see Armilla and Leon respond to the player's use of Feel during the game, and the trio can work together to break down groups of assailants as they attack and even throw them between each other to create stunning-looking combination attacks! This combat system also works to maximise the individual skills of the trio. Leon's preference for hand-to-hand fighting makes him perfect for close-range skirmishes, while Armilla's jumping allows her to weaken distant opponents with diving attacks, before Feel moves into finish them off


The Sword of Etheria features a series of running battles that require perfect timing on the player's part. Certain creatures can only be destroyed if all three heroes are involved in the attack, but the player is also rewarded with huge bonuses and experience points which will prove vital for taking out the larger adversaries that await in the game's 20, massive stages.
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