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The Suffering: Ties That Bind is a uniquely American action-horror experience that surpasses the original in every way. You are Torque, armed with a deadly arsenal and your last shred of sanity, condemned to wage war against horrific monstrosities in a bloody battle for revenge against a hidden mastermind who holds the keys to your past...


  • JOURNEY INTO MADNESS: Delve deep into Torque's past with flashbacks and define his future path while battling inner demons, rage, and a tenuous grip on sanity.
  • DISTURBING CHARACTERS AND CREATURES: A plethora of brand new ferocious fiends in addition to several returning favorites designed to depict tough societal problems like street crimes, gun violence and riots that prosper in poverty stricken slums.
  • CHOOSE YOUR PATH – CHOOSE YOUR PLOT: Define the true story behind the nature of Torque's crimes and his journey into madness with game-defining moral choices that affect the game's outcome - each path providing a completely different gaming experience.
  • MASTER THE RAGE: New multi-leveled insanity mode is tied directly to players' actions, creating the most deadly weapon in the game - Torque's inner demon. This giant, horrific creature goes from normal to brutal and bloodthirsty depending on the moral path that players choose to follow.
  • A SEEDY, URBAN WORLD: Explore the gritty slums, streets, and prisons of Baltimore, battling urban injustices and demons spawned from historical events of urban squalor.
  • REFINED AND ENHANCED GAMEPLAY: Featuring a redesigned and streamlined inventory, expanded player movement mechanics, refined controls, more varied and advanced enemy AI and a large arsenal of weapons Ties that Bind melds big action sequences with visceral horror elements.

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