Frank Castle's life changed the day his family was murdered. A part of his soul died, too. What was left dedicated the rest of his life to revenge upon the criminal scum of the world. He was reborn as…The Punisher!

Is he a hero? An obsessive madman? His methods are harsh and brutal, striking fear into the darkest hearts of the criminal underworld as he delivers vigilante justice to every thug he can lay his hands on.

The Punisher walks through a world we all know, a world darkened by war, crime, cruelty, and injustice. He has no superpowers – only his fierce intelligence, years of combat experience, and an iron determination to avenge the wronged. Where justice ends, Punishment begins!

Now you can get inside the head of the Punisher


• Punisher War Zone - Act out The Punisher's frustrations in some of the most intense, visceral action ever to come to video games!

• Think and act just like the Punisher - For the first time ever, grab criminals and exact vengeance on them in dozens of environmental 'hot spots' triggering custom Punisher moments!

• Interrogation mode - Use a never-before seen combination of physical force and character interaction to coerce criminals into coughing up valuable information!

• Punisher Armory - Collect and upgrade an arsenal of realistic weapons!

• Punisher War Journal - Relive special Punisher in-game moments and collect items from Marvel's Punisher history!

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Full on brilliance. ThePunisher
Yes, I bought this movie. Yes, I enjoyed it. That is all. ThePunisher

This game is great. Although it is pretty short, and there really isn't much...


Difficulty: Semi-hard.

You are a foul-mouthed cop ready to stop all crimes such as...


You are an in-mate out for revenge for his murdered family, whom got wiped out in a...


This is one of the BEST games out in '05!.Threatin your enemys to spill very useful...


The Punisher is a good game with nice gameplay and graphics. The Punisher is a game...

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