The Legend Of Spyro: The Eternal Night Own / Want List

Username Comments
Sapphire Dragon None
Slifer None
Heartbreaker None
klon_aya None
themidnightflame None
silverhikari Sad Ending
Akaryuu None
Dragon7 None
AC Sephiroth None
secret revealer None
Latias Gal None
Dragonlord1212 None
crashgirl94 love it 4ever.
TheDragonMaster None
Agent Mo None
Keyblade Queen None
Mk444 None
ChiiSanCullen None
Heiress None
devilishotel None
Breegull None
Dunnybrusher lol my mum loves these games
unknown peace so nor for sale
yay a guest None
GrEyCrEsT (5/5) Excellent Game * I recommend to dragon lovers and PS2 gamers.
Shardz None
tiggerteetsie None
Unidentified42 This game is so awsome!(Please never get scratched)
nothgiel None
blazeken131 None
Dark_Star None
Final Pokemon900 None
lunar_lilly None
Pokemon_Spyro_fan None
scott123 None
lit18265 None
Sharditall None
pwns_all not too intrested to be honest
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RKO619 None
gagaters None
kar3bu72 None
Xrai222 None
iainteze None
Wallflower None
MysticalTemptress None
InfernoHoOh None
Cloudtail4ever None
Pikachu_2001 None
ultimategoku None