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The Chronicles of Narnia Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Amped IGO 7.8/10 Nov 27 '05
Digital Entertainment 8.5/10 Dec 07 '05
Etoychest 60% Nov 30 '05
GamePro 3.5/5 Dec 06 '05
GamerNode 7.5/10 Jan 24 '06
GamersMark Network 7.6/10 Nov 24 '05
Gamerz-Edge 9.2/10 Dec 05 '05
Games Radar 73% Nov 23 '05
GameSpot 6.9/10 Dec 09 '05
Gamespy 3/5 Dec 06 '05
GameZone 7.1/10 Nov 10 '05
ic-games 74% Dec 04 '05
Just Adventure C+ Dec 07 '05
Just RPG 80% Dec 01 '05
TotalPlaystation 7.5/10 Nov 23 '05 B- Dec 09 '05
Yahoo! Gamesource 4/5 Nov 15 '05
IGN PS2 8.3/10 Nov 11 '05
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Quoted from The Chronicles of Narnia Reviews:
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"With the holiday season comes the slew of big-time Hollywood films and their accompanying licensed products. For gamers this means wading through a sea of mediocre movie games aimed at making a quick buck. Thankfully, The Chronicles of Narnia isn't one of these cookie-cutter gaming experiences, although it does fall into a few of the dreaded movie-game cliches (like loads of lengthy clips from the film). Based closely on the movie of the same name (which is, of course, based on C.S. Lewis's classic series of children's books), The Chronicles of Narnia is an enjoyable if unremarkable cooperative action-adventure title that takes its cue from other surprisingly decent, multiplayer movie-to-game adaptations--like Shrek 2. "
"Some things are just average. Take the WNBA -- sure, it has solid fundamentals, but not so much with the "razzle dazzle." BVG's adaptation of the upcoming film, The Chronicles of Narnia, falls into that average class. Developed by Travelers Tales, also known for the sublime LEGO Star Wars, this title isn't horrible, but it's not great either. It's got quite a bit going for it, but considering the last outing by this developer, it doesn't live up to what we know they can do. "
"Narnia stands as a near perfect example of how to make a movie-based videogame the right way. Everything from the combat system and level design to the game’s visual presentation just scream quality. The technology alone is damn impressive. But throw in ten hours of cool bosses, refined gameplay and awesome visuals and you’ve got the recipe for one seriously entertaining game."