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The Baseball 2003 features real time commentaries, bench reports and life-like motion capture animation. A total of 12 teams and 528 real life players are included in the game.


  • SIGNIFICANTLY ENHANCED GRAPHICS, including double the texture depth and new lighting and motion blending technology, means much smoother player and camera movements
  • NEW TWO ON TWO SHOWDOWN MODE - pick a pitcher and a batter and square off with your friends in the ultimate head-to-head competition!
  • OTHER NEW GAME MODES including Home Run Derby, Fantasy Draft, Create A Player, Player Editor, Stand Alone Playoffs, and Batting Practice
  • HUNDREDS OF NEW PLAYER, COACH, AND UMPIRE ANIMATIONS including celebrations and frustrations
    NEW SUPER JUMP to snatch homers at the wall
  • EXTENSIVE AUDIO including hecklers, vendors, crowds, stadium announcers, batter walk-up music and improved announcer commentary
  • DETAILED TUNING MENU enables the ultimate in gameplay customizability, including injury frequency, pitch speed, runner and fielder speed and more!
  • TV-LIKE GAME PRESENTATION delivers the incredible excitement of Major League play
  • TRUPLAY AI TECHNOLOGY means batting, base running, fielding, pitching and managing that is true to real baseball
  • SIGNATURE PITCHER AND BATTER ANIMATIONS - stars pitch and bat just like their real-life counterparts!
  • AWESOME GAMEPLAY FEATURES including umpire arguments, player ejections, dropped third strikes and catcher snap throws
  • ON-FIELD COACHES AND MANAGERS - mound-visiting managers and animated base coaches spice up the action while adding to the strategy
  • EVEN MORE EXTENSIVE GAMEPLAY includes load custom roster capability, extra players, modify attributes of existing players and even the new cutter pitch
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