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In the year 2029, humanity dangles on the brink of extinction at the hands of Skynet, an artificial intelligence determined to destroy the human race. Scattered throughout the ravaged streets of Los Angeles, ragged bands of men and women struggle for their lives against Skynet's mechanized forces. This embittered war for survival has finally reached the breaking point. Deadly robots masked by human skin called Terminators have begun to infiltrate the scattered human encampments with devastating results.

Humanity's last best chance for survival rests in the hands of Tech Com, a highly organized group of resistance fighters led by John Connor. Recognizing Tech Com's strength, Skynet initiates an evil plan to erase John Connor from history and break the spirit of the human resistance once and for all. Fortunately, Connor discovers Skynet's deadly plot to travel through time and murder his mother, Sarah. Working together through a series of complex and dangerous missions, Connor and his army battle to overthrow Skynet, accesses the time travel facility and send one lone protector back into the past to stop the Terminator and save Sarah Connor's life.


  • The prequel story to James Cameron’s legendary sci-fi film, The Terminator
  • 3 unique playable characters, each with specialized skills and abilities—including Kyle Reese, hero of the film
  • 11 massive, heart-pounding missions through radically diverse, richly-detailed, and highly-interactive environments
  • 15 enemy types with bleeding-edge AI, including the virtually unstoppable T-800
  • Dynamic camera system for targeting cyborgs with speed and accuracy
  • Never-before-seen weapons of wanton destruction allow for both missile and melee combat
  • 3rd and 1st person play modes
  • Revolutionary weapon-centric realtime lighting effects and shadowing
  • Heart-pounding action with an original soundtrack inspired by the film

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If and when they make the sequill they should make online version not unlike socom!...

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Terminator. I have to say, the cover of this game is very attractive, that was...

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What a stupid game isn't. (I'll be back) Well we liked the environment that shows us...

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The graphics, while I have seen better aren't all that bad, I'd say middle of the...

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I didn't really get off to a good start when previewing the game, because I can't make...

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