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Set one year after the events of the original Tenchu game, Tenchu 3: Wrath of Heaven allows players to reprise their role as Rikimaru or as two other characters. As in the first two games, players must use cunning and strategy to prowl rooftops and overcome daunting odds with deadly stealth attacks. As a Ninja, players will engage in espionage, theft and assassination and explore specially designed environments that allow multiple solutions to a given obstacle


  • All-New Stealth Attacks and Enhanced Fighting Engine – Players can master new combo attacks including stealth moves and jumping attacks played out in breathtakingly detail via a new and improved fighting engine.
  • Multiplayer Options and Levels – Fans can play with a friend on five unique multiplayer levels in two mission modes: co-operative team-oriented missions and Hunter-Hunted death match mode where gamers and a friend can sneak up on one another as opposing ninjas. The abilities earned in single-player action can be transferred to the multiplayer games in order to strengthen attacks.
  • Stunningly Realistic Graphics – By taking advantage of the PlayStation 2's impressive graphical capabilities, Tenchu 3: Wrath of Heaven features nine large, incredibly vibrant levels with detailed lighting and weather effects as well as improved character animations.
  • Multiple Missions Paths – Players must complete unique mission objectives including espionage, theft and assassination. Uniquely crafted levels allow fans to determine the most efficient way to achieve mission goals. Improved enemy AI adds to the challenge, forcing players to think on their feet. In addition, each level features three unique enemy placements to keep players guessing. Multiple game endings – based on earlier decisions made in the game – keep bringing gamers back for more.

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Soquid Snake
Feb 18, 11 1:42pm
A stealthy platformer that uses lots o' stealth kills. 7/10. TenchuReturnFromDarkness Xbox
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stevo the odd
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tremendous game play truely amazing TenchuWrathOfHeaven PS2
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For gameplay, this is the best Tenchu game IMO! (and a GREAT stealth game- 2 player co-op side missions) TenchuWrathOfHeaven PS2
May 22, 06 12:26am
clocked great game TenchuWrathOfHeaven PS2
Mar 05, 06 5:54am
I am Rikimaru TenchuWrathOfHeaven PS2
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CND $$ TenchuWrathOfHeaven PS2
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If you want to Trade or Sell, then e-mail me TenchuWrathOfHeaven PS2
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Awsome Stealth TenchuWrathOfHeaven PS2
Dec 12, 04 8:36pm
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Zhang wei
Dec 26, 03 1:58pm

This game is very enjoyable, the stealth kills are fun to watch, and they are never...

Oct 27, 03 1:05am

This is probably one of the finest games around. Whilst the graphics, beautiful though...

Sep 17, 03 8:21pm
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