Tekken Tag Tournament Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.7/10

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Tekken Tag Tournament Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Thunderbolt 9/10 May 14 '06
Bytesector.com 5/5 Jun 11 '02
Core Magazine B+ Dec 08 '00
DarkStation 9/10 Feb 08 '01
Gamesmania 89/100 Sep 26 '00
GameSpot 9.6/10 Oct 20 '00
Hotgames 3/5 Oct 10 '00
IGN PS2 8.7/10 Oct 23 '00
Planet PS2  --- Apr 03 '00
PS2 Central 8/10 Nov 23 '00
PSX Extreme 8.9/10 Oct 26 '00
PSX2 8.4/10 Jun 30 '00
PSXNation 8/10 Nov 16 '00
PSXNews 96% May 12 '00
SonySource 9/10 Nov 29 '00
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Tekken Tag Tournament Previews

website publish date article rating
Video Gamers First Network Aug 28 '00
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Bytesector.com on

"You owe it to yourself and the experience you will gain from this game."

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Core Magazine on

"Graphically, Tekken Tag Tournament stuns. The graphics are free of jagged edges, impeccably solid, and contain just as much detail as Namco's last arcade-to-console opus, Soul Calibur."

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DarkStation on

"Tekken Tag is fantastic game that is meant to keep us busy till Tekken 4..."

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Gamesmania on

"While Tekken was great fun, I never thought it employed the same types of strategies as VF2 did...That all changed with Tekken 3." "

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GameSpot on

"...you can switch between two different characters at any time... Graphically, the game has taken a very large leap... backdrops of the fights and the ground on which you fight...don't mesh very..."

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