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Tekken 5 Code Breaker Codes (PS2)

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Enable Code (Must Be On) (PS2) North America Master

B4336FA9 4DFEFB79
99A26F0F 67C04144
1BB2FE10 8530631E
7BC719B4 E44055F2 Note: All of the codes for this game requires Code Breaker Version 7 or higher.

Match Times (PS2) North America

Infinite Match Time: 0530D904 4BE1BE5E
Always Low Total Time: EFA482C1 7C413463

Unlockables (PS2) North America

Unlock Devil Jin: C67589A8 E2B32B48
Unlock All Characters: BA18DE30 7C74731B
Unlock All Endings: 2C7114F4 43C60308

Health Codes (PS2) North America

Infinite Health (Player 1):
EE0B4D3E 1116C9DA

Infinite Health (Player 2):
C28C78EA 532F94C6

75% Health (Player 1):
305A5C81 C4BA57DB
017C8C50 76381973

75% Health (Player 2):
6C6C3C92 EF62ADF6
2227B103 8089ED5E

50% Health (Player 1):
27F6F6F2 40A009C3
305A5C81 C4BA57DB

50% Health (Player 2):
6C6C3C92 EF62ADF6
7FE61F45 AE5D1D93

25% Health (Player 1):
419C3781 CDDDB62D
305A5C81 C4BA57DB

25% Health (Player 2):
F035354E 5B42589D
6C6C3C92 EF62ADF6

1 Hit Death (Player 1):
3851E02E 9F87BFB2

1 Hit Death (Player 2):
D76C4F01 567C6C2F

No Health (Player 1):
FAA89098 A4B3B647

No Health (Player 2):
A94D34EE 1982BD71

Story Mode Stage Codes (PS2) North America

Start on Stage 2:
2D43BC9E ED26CC77
2B2A62CD 17F5EBC8

Start on Stage 3:
2D43BC9E ED26CC77
B6BE818E C2BD9883

Start on Stage 4:
2D43BC9E ED26CC77
8A6728B7 45F448FB

Start on Stage 5:
2D43BC9E ED26CC77
FC5783B0 022D3750

Start on Stage 6:
2D43BC9E ED26CC77
A2EB4A78 BF70A104

Start on Stage 7:
2D43BC9E ED26CC77
B76F9E27 FD67BF56

Start on Stage 8:
2D43BC9E ED26CC77
44D64E9B FE8C15D1

Start on Stage 9:
2D43BC9E ED26CC77
78B682C1 3EDE0CB6