2000 years ago the people of Oldland discovered the "Seventh Phoneme", which was said to foretell the planet's future. With the discovery of this came an all out war to gain possession it. The lands were ruined and brought about the poisonous Miasma gas. The people were able to seal the gas and were then divided into two nations over the remaining years.

You will play Luke Fone Fabre, the son to a noble family of the Kimraska Ranbaldia Kingdom. He is scared from an incident where he was kidnapped when he was younger and has no memory of his youth. He meets Tear, an officer in the Roleria Cult who has the ability to use the Seventh Phoneme. There his adventure begins.


Although the gameplay is not innovative for the PS2 and it doesn't use all the potential of the controllers of the PS2, the gameplay is very comfortable. In battles, move around with the Pad or the Joystick, press X for normal attacks, and move the joystick to the sides while attacking to create co,bo. At the end of a chained combo, press O to make a special attack. You can also press O and move the Joystick to the sides for different special attacks, and you can set extra special attacks on the second joystick. You can set your most used attacks to the buttons on the start menu. On the field, just move around with the Joystick or pad, and check things with X. If you are moving inside a dungeon, you can press O to use the actions you get in Dungeons.


  • Characters Come to Life Like Never Before: The most realistic character models ever used in the series. More detailed expressions allow players to connect with the characters even more with stunning character designs by Kosuke Fujishima.
  • Roam free in a Flexible Motion Battle System: Not only does the player control his character by focusing on the targeted enemy, but a groundbreaking twist to the Tales series allows the character to run freely around the battlefield.
  • A Stunning World Awaits: A fully 3D setting and beautiful anime cutscenes by Production I.G. immerse the player in one of the most stunning Tales games ever produced.
  • New Town Link System: The actions of the story and characters reflect the world around them. The prices and availability of certain goods will change depending on the characters' actions, giving the player the feeling that his or her actions truly affect the world of the game.

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"What's that?" says Luke to pretty much everything. TalesOfTheAbyss 3DS
Decided to start a new game with stuff to make everything do-able on Unknown mode. Carried over 2x Exp. and Capacity Cores. TalesOfTheAbyss 3DS
Forgot to record after-battle data for Boss 1 (Liger Queen) TalesOfTheAbyss 3DS
I have decided...Very Hard for now. I've got the amazing Capacity Cores and AD Skills carried over, so I might as well. Still normal exp. TalesOfTheAbyss 3DS
Finished old game 49:52. New Game+ time! I think we'll play as much as possible on Hard or Very Hard. TalesOfTheAbyss 3DS
60K out of 320K..."Meteor Storm!" :( TalesOfTheAbyss 3DS
And she kills me while she has 194K/320K. Woo. Time to rebattle...and rebattle. TalesOfTheAbyss 3DS
Get ready Nebilim! Here I come! Nebilim @ Nebilim's Crag/ TalesOfTheAbyss 3DS
Sync 3 @ Eldrant. 1'34"00. Hardest Eldrant battle imo. TalesOfTheAbyss 3DS
Asch 2 @ Eldrant! Luke is level 60. Meaning of Birth! <3 TalesOfTheAbyss 3DS
Legretta 2 @ Eldrant. 2'00"73. Luke (59), Tear (59), Anise (57), Jade (59). 72K Gald. TalesOfTheAbyss 3DS
Over in 01'41"36. Luke finally got the Add Combo AD Skill! I'm playing on Normal by the way. TalesOfTheAbyss 3DS
Party before Largo 2 @ Absorption Gate: Luke (55), Tear (55), Anise (53), Jade (55). 42 hours of gameplay. TalesOfTheAbyss 3DS
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