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Desperate. Alone. Betrayed.

Gabe Logan stands alone. They've disbanded his team. His partner is missing and accused of treason. Experience an edge of your seat thrill ride featuring a gripping story by best-selling author Greg Rucka.


  • Re-mastered for the PlayStation® 2 with high-resolution models and environments.
  • Unique mix of stealth and "run & gun" gameplay delivers a true shooter experience.
  • Submerged Missions: Experience underwater exploration and combat with full 360 degree navigation.
  • Strike with Precision: Target enemy body parts utilizing an arsenal of more than 55 high-tech weapons and advanced vision technology.
  • Combat Moves: Use “Blind Fire” to send enemies scurrying for shelter or grab hold and use them as a “Human Shield” to preserve health.
  • Hollywood-Style Production: featuring a gripping storyline by acclaimed author Greg Rucka and soundtrack by international recording artist Azam Ali.

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  • johnto2001 played Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow
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    Jul 03, 09 6:04pm
    Probably the best Syphon Filter game to date. Still, nothing beats the original of the genre, Metal Gear. SyphonFilterLogansShadow PSP
    Jan 16, 09 8:59am
    Original and fun to play, with a great story, although controls can be buggy. SyphonFilterLogansShadow PSP
    Jan 02, 09 2:48am
    Best Syphon filter SyphonFilterLogansShadow PSP
    Dec 20, 08 4:55pm
    Fail =( SyphonFilterLogansShadow PSP
    Aug 18, 08 11:13pm
    great game SyphonFilterLogansShadow PSP
    Aug 27, 07 11:21pm
    added 6 new concept art
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