Summoner Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 6.2/10

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Summoner Reviews

website score publish date
DarkStation 6/10 Feb 03 '01
Game Revolution C- Nov 22 '00
GameCenter 5/10 Nov 28 '00
GameProWorld 16.5/20 Dec 11 '00
GameSpot 7.7/10 Nov 03 '00
IGN PS2 8.3/10 Oct 24 '00
Planet PS2 78% Dec 01 '00
PS2 Central 6/10 Nov 23 '00
PSX Extreme 6/10 Nov 18 '00
PSXNation 7/10 Nov 22 '00
SonySource 5/10 Jan 09 '01
The Gaming Intelligence Agency 1/5 Oct 29 '00
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Summoner Previews

website publish date
GameSpot Oct 10 '00
IGN PS2 Aug 11 '00
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Game Revolution on Nov 23 '00

"...the fighting system lacks control and involvement... the storytelling is weak... not very immersive... graphics are better than average..."

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GameSpot on Oct 10 '00

"Rosalind is the illegitimate daughter of Joseph's mentor, Yago, and a Medevian noblewoman, Ursanne. One morning, Rosalind mysteriously appeared on the shores of Iona and was quickly taken in by The..."

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GameSpot on Nov 07 '00

"Summoner's most polished gem is its story. From the start of the game until the final sequence, Summoner is constantly pulling the rug out from under you."

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IGN PS2 on Jun 09 '00

"The environments were rather detailed, with a dark and brooding feel. The main character, Joseph, casts spells via a very intuitive interface, and the effects used to animate the arrival of those..."

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IGN PS2 on Oct 30 '00

"It isn't the be all and end all of RPGs and hasn't really lived up to all of the hype that it has been receiving from this Website and others, but it's a very good game."

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