The main character of the game is an orphan and was raised as a servant under a local aristocrat. Along the way he comes across the Rune of Punishment, a rune that grants great powers to its bearer but also chips the bearer's life away every time its power is used.


  • New story that takes place 150 years prior to the last games in the series
  • 108 characters to recruit for your party or castle
  • New battle system allows gamer to use up to four character per battle
  • Unite system allows players to unite magic or physical attacks with other characters during battle
  • Characters from other games in the series are present in the gam

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Leveled a bunch of characters to 99, but missed out on 108 stars of Destiny. Suikoden4 PS2
did not like very much Suikoden4 PS2

When I first picked this game up, i figured that It'd be a great change from other...


Alright, so this game is my first Suikoden - Germany is always the last one to get...


all together i found this a really fun and time consuming game. most people after they...


I may have listed lots of bad points for the game but thats only because it didn't...


Since the III, I have been not too sure if I would even like this one, as you all know...

it's not as good as the first two! Suikoden4 PS2

well it made me have much more respect for Jowry from Suikoden 2, because your best...

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