Based 15 years after the end of the second game in the series, Suikoden III stars three characters-Hugo, Chris, and Gedo, who begin their journeys in three different locations around the gameworld. As the game's story progresses, their respective quests will intertwine as the plot winds toward one epic climax.


Players engage in RPG turn-based mechanics. Each party the character uses holds up to 6 characters and is divided into three sections of "partners." These partners can combine for a unite attack (if available), or attack individually using either their weapon or a rune (magic attack) that has been embedded. Only one character can use magic per round, however, so strategy is a must. Also characters develop unique skills by either knowing them innately or learning them from a skillmaster. Characters can further develop their skills by gaining enough skill points during battle.


  • 108 characters to recruit.

  • Multiple endings attained depending on what characters are recruting.

  • New Trinity Sight System allows players to see the story from 3 different perspectives.

  • New partner system allows the gamer to pair up characters thus strengthening each other.

  • New skill system increases battle performance and allows for more possibilities in combat.

  • New redefined major battle system allows the player to actually use each of his characters in war.

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Why it isn't full voice?? Then the music is sucks too, but I love the story Suikoden3 PS2
one of my favorites Suikoden3 PS2
First one I've played! Suikoden3 PS2

First off i got this game thinking this would be the game of the century. I saw all...




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This is a great game the storyline is incredible its just great and long, I love this...


This game is great. But, better not making recruiting all the character too hard.


In total it's only good if you can handle it's cheap shots. But if you're used to...


after playing the game for quite some time, i have decided to submit a review. i was...


This game was horrible, the worst of the 3 Suikodens, this one sorta caught my eye,...

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