Players acquire the role of a movie stuntman who's hired to perform a variety of stunts for numerous Hollywood films. Stunts increase in difficulty and danger as the production costs rise into the hundreds of millions. The skills you have developed as a Hollywood stuntman are put to the test.


  • EXPLOSIVE FILM SET ACTION - stunt drive in 6 famous movie locations
  • 2 GAME MODES - Career and arcade (Stunt Arena) mode.
  • TEST VEHICLES TO DESTRUCTION – smash up a large variety of vehicles, ranging from TukTuks to snowmobiles, Jeeps to high performance sports cars
  • REPLAY MODE – replay the action as a slick, fast paced movie trailer

Hardware Requirements

8MB Playstation 2 Memory Card required.
766KB minimum required to save.
Analog Control Compatible: All Buttons.
Vibration Function Compatible.

Official URL

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Very old game in which you perform stunts (duh). Is fun but can get very irritating at times. Stuntman PS2
From the makers or the hit Driver series comes the great driving game of Stuntman. It offers it's challenges and fun to be had in the... Stuntman PS2

Another one of Reflections Hollywood action simulator. After the blockbuster series...


The sellection of cars and bikes,ect are good and the dammage of them is also good....


This is game is very good but it can get very frustrating if you are a person like me...


This game is perfect if you want a driving that won't gaet boring you can drive aswell...


Stuntman is the most orignal game out. There has been so many knockoff games I can't...


I think this game has some potential but needed to pull through better. This game is...


This is the wrost game ever. I rented it a few weeks ago and i was not impressed. I...


Stuntman is a very unique game. You are a HollyWood stuntman who goes threw movie...


In general a good game, if you have a short, bad temper and horrible patience, DO NOT...


I bought Stuntman because I was looking for a game that would make me never want to...


i very good game and worth atleast a rentel very original but can get very frustrating...


Stuntman is one of those things that is fun in small doses but extremely frustrating...

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