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Street Fighter EX3 features combos that can be started, switched up, and restarted. As well, there's the Hard Attack and the ability to trade attack power for life. Teamed players can attack at the same time. Players can engage in the endurance stage.


  • Part of the popular Street Fighter series
  • All of the old characters and controls
  • 3-on-1 and 2-on-2 fights
  • Switch between tag partners or work them together in double-team attack
  • New, indefensible Hard Attack reduces foes

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Difficulty: Medium

This is the only 3D Street Fighter game I've played let alone owned....


Everyone has heard of Street Fighter. This is a game where there isn't really a whole...


YOu can still cancel your special moves with supercombos and can tag in while opponent...


street fighter ex3 is by far the best ex game around. it has 2 new hidden bonus...


I just want to say why in the hell did they leave out Akuma i have been thinking for...


Ive played SF many many times on many different consoles and allways its had the same...


I have never played this game before,but it's great. This game is so fun it's hard to...


This game is the best series out of the other Street Fighter Ex series. Even though...


Good game, now if we could only figure out how to unlock Akuma. Look closely, if you...


Street Fighter is one of the best games out of the Steet Fighter ex series. the good...

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