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Average Review Score: 4.6/10

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Stolen Reviews

website score publish date
Thunderbolt 4/10 Jun 06 '05
Gamespot 5.0/10 May 12 '05
Gamespy 2/5 Apr 25 '05
IGN PS2 5.2/10 Apr 19 '05
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Stolen Previews

website publish date
Gamespy Jan 29 '05
IGN PS2 Feb 15 '05
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Gamespy on Mar 05 '05

"As master thief Anya Romanov, you are thrown into a web of intrigue when you're contracted to break into a museum in order to prove your skills to a prospective client."

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IGN PS2 on Mar 05 '05

"Stolen is broken into four different levels. Each level is massive though and take a few hours to complete. There's certainly a nice variety in the environments and each level does offer its own..."

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IGN PS2 on Apr 20 '05

"In a way, Stolen is a victim of its times. If it had come out a few years ago it's faults would have been easier to overlook. Then again, it clearly copies other existing games and does so in a..."

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Thunderbolt on May 03 '08

"Fighting is particularly comical. Combat works like this: guards are much stronger than Anya, and will pound her with impunity until she's unconscious, at which time they'll say something like..."

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