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Anubis is on the move, scouring the galaxy. Seeking that which can grand him immeasurable power...
SG-1, the front line of Earth's defense against the Goa'uld steel themselves for what lies ahead.
They know it will be their greatest test...
An ancient evil rises.


The game will focus on challenging and innovative team-play in single as well as in multiplayer games. The player will control one member of the team in each mission, with the remaining three being either taken over by AI or controlled by other players in co-op.

Players will visit strikingly beautiful and occasionally bizarre alien worlds at various levels of technological advancement.

Throughout the missions several vehicles, cannons and other devices can be utilized. Every team member will have specific abilities, adding game elements like stealth, hacking, deciphering of runes or use of melee weapons.


  • Strong story which continues and completes the Stargate universe into one unique Sci Fi masterpiece.
  • Original missions, providing a large variety - visually and in terms of tactical challenges.
  • Co-operative campaign for up to four players. In some missions, the team will split up in order to have players succeed in specific tasks or support each other by controlling strategic positions etc.
  • Extensive dialogue - enhancing game-play using the original SG1 cast
  • A variety of alien weapons, vehicles and devices to utilize.
  • Several unique multi-player modes on all platforms
  • Downloadable content and map editor to create fan maps

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  • Genre: Adventure (PS2)
  • Perspective(s): Third Person
  • Developer: Perception
  • Publisher: JoWood Productions
  • Released
    North AmericaQ4 2005 CANCELLED
    EuropeQ4 2005 CANCELLED
    JapanQ4 2005 CANCELLED
    AustraliaQ4 2005 CANCELLED
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