Star Wars: Battlefront II Own / Want List

Username Comments
PaulPanzerfaust Multiplayer is awesome
Keepora_Gabora411 None
PR_sith93 None
Just a Shadow None
Republican Master None
Andy None
sponge72 None
Tommo Great Game
Oogity_Boogity_Boo None
Tom None
Manectric Master None
yankeesfan1993 None
Lightice None
Caanon None
DarkMercenary None
Ace Flyer None
simomatic None
xtremepokemontrainer None
EomertheGreat Best game ever
Menimitz None
soniczero None
Master Zhang He None
Twin_Master Would have been fun although 3rd Person Shooters are terrible on the PSP.
SwordsLink None
Wolf Tails None
x Marvel x None
So little time None
InabyamaCastle Guard None
JugJug None
Yoda skywalker None
Casey None
Super_17 My favourite game
Goyun SSJ15 None
AngelAyla None
Celes Leonhart None
ninjasan8 None
jonnytekno None
The_Death_of_Winter None
Square None
tornjinx None
Exodus None
Garouga None
Milesy2008 None
Machienzo Even better than the first, new maps and even Space maps for loads of action. Play as Heroes now, like Jedi!
Scott 1 None
Time Vortex None
baby_Lord None
BiOhAZarD722 None
Spectre None
Katsuyo None