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Star Wars Battlefront II, the sequel to last year's hit, is guaranteed to be a lot better than the original. The main objective in each level is to capture more command posts than the enemy. Once You've either captured them all, or killed all the enemy soldiers, you win. You can take place in every single big battle ever seen in the Star Wars saga, including 12 new areas taken from Episode 3. Every battle has different factions, though. Including The Empire, Seperatists, Rebels or the Galactic Republic. And each faction has 6 soldier classes. Including Snipers, Pilots, Heavy Infantry, and even Jedi Knights! Plus another class that has yet to be revealed.


Using any soldier class you want, you must win each level in one of two ways. 1) Either capture all the enemy command posts. Or 2) Kill all enemy soldiers. You are able to use 6 different soldier types. Including Snipers, Heavy Infantry, Jedi Knights, the new commander class, and others. You can fight as one of 4 factions. The Empire, Rebel Alliance, Seperatists, or Old Republic.


  • Campaign Mode follows the 501st Legion starting from battles in Episode III all the way through to Episode VI
  • 20 new levels in total including Mustafar, Mygetoo and space battles above Coruscant and Yavin IV
  • Ability to play as Jedi and Sith heroes such as Yoda and the Emperor
  • Abitlity to go as non-Jedi hero characters such as Han Solo, Boba and Jango Fett and Princess Leia
  • Improved Graphics
  • The ability to sprint short distances
  • Ability to change character at command posts
  • Improved squad command posts
it is 2014 this game is way outdated but yet its still fun

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This game makes me want to hook up my PS2 again StarWarsBattlefront2 PS2

To start off, Battlefront 2's graphics are not the best I had seen. I have seen many...

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