Reach breakneck speeds, catch huge air, and become an icon with SSX On Tour. Create a rider or skier and build a career as you progress from a slope-side wannabe to a black-diamond-dominating rockstar. Compete for medals or just tear up the massive new mountain, but make sure you look good doing it because your reputation is always on the line. Pull off jaw-dropping monster tricks to out-style your competitors while hurtling down the slopes at supersonic speeds. You create the hype-the hype creates a legend in SSX On Tour.


Building on the critically acclaimed gameplay of the SSX franchise, SSX On Tour features all-new player customization that gives you the chance to join The Tour. SSX On Tour is packed with all-new highly detailed tracks, new stylish player customization options, new monster tricks, and multiplayer options.


  • Develop Your Ego: Create your alter egand join the world of SSX action. Define your style as a boarder or skier with tons of customizable assets including licensed equipment, hairstyles, and accessories.
  • The Tour: Create a snow-slicing, gravity defying mountain icon and climb the ranks of the circuit to become the ultimate black-diamond rockstar.
  • All-New Shred Challenges: Raise your status on the mountain by dominating off-track races that reinvent the way you face off on the slopes. Once you prove yourself in the shreds you'll be ready for the first stop of The Tour.
  • New Tracks: SSX On Tour brings you 12 new tracks texplore day or night. From crowded groomers tuntouched powder fields, ndetail is tosmall in this diverse environment as you seamlessly explore all four unique sections of the mountain.
  • Try On Twin Tips: All-new skiing lets you create tricks in a unique way and add another dimension tthe racing gameplay.
  • Huge Air and Monster Tricks: Defy gravity and throw down the all-new Monster Tricks with a touch of the right analog stick.
  • The Culture Comes Alive: Experience life on the mountain like never before with fresh art, pumping music, grown-up bosses, and new Monsters of Metal and Style Blaster events.

Hardware Requirements

1-2 players
8MB PS2 Memory Card required to save
Saves; 164 KB minimum
Analog Control Compatible: analog sticks only
Vibration Function Compatible

Official URL

Official Site
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Best played with friends. I love snowboarding games ^.^ ^o^ ^.^ SSXOnTour Xbox
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to tell you about this game is actually a little hard to explain, this game is not...

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The main story of this game is that you start as a nobody who wants to become a...

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Quite fun game. SSXOnTour Xbox
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pretty good game SSXOnTour Xbox
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SSX has always treated us to truly great gameplay while always managing to...

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