SSX 3 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 9.4/10

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SSX 3 Reviews

website score publish date article quality
SiliconeraReview of SSX3. 95% Jan 26 '04
Thunderbolt 10/10 Mar 31 '08
Game Revolution A- Nov 15 '03
GameSpot 9.0/10 Oct 21 '03
Gamespy 5/5 Oct 21 '03
IGN PS2 9.5/10 Oct 17 '03
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SSX 3 Previews

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GameSpot Sep 17 '03
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Quoted from SSX 3 Reviews:
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"Deliciously insane tricking and great graphics make a return, but new to the game is the ability to literally board down an entire mountain. Without stopping. Or loading. Sign us up."
"Based on what we've seen so far, SSX3 shouldn't disappoint its fans. It seems to offer slick visuals, addictive gameplay, and a plethora of things to do."
"SSX 3 delivers a rush like few racing games or action sports games have ever achieved."
"...this is the best snowboarding game I have ever played. It's arcade-centric, trick heavy, and on the third peak, it's brutal, but in the end, nothing comes close to SSX 3."
"SSX 3 offers an experience like no other, a rush that just can't be matched. It had a lot to live up to, but EA Big have delivered a game that lives up to the standards Tricky set, and then some. SSX 3 is visually stunning, expertly designed, and the ultimate example of fun. Now that, is synergy."