SSX is a boardercross game in which players race against five others. There are beautiful graphics and cameras that zoom out. As well, there is a rockin' soundtrack that is interactive with the gameplay. Modes include stunt-based contests and freestyle.


  • Multicolor snow on some tracks
  • Courses cut through icebergs and freeway systems
  • Choose between a variety of male and female boarders, each with his or her unique techno theme
  • Add to your adrenalin meter by pulling off little tricks
  • Use the saved adrenalin for big 'combo' moves that reap high scores

Editor's Note:


PlanetPS2's Gamer's Choice Game Of The Year (2000).
Recipient of an IGN.COM Editors' Choice Award.'s 'Best Sound' of 2000.'s PS2 'Game of the Year'.

Added on: June 19, 2000

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I can't figure out why I bought this game in the first place . . . SSX PS2
was ok, good start to something great! SSX PS2

This game is the max! Better than ssx tricky by a long way! Superb graphics and...


SSX is possibly one of the best extreme sports games on the market. With fun courses...


Wow, where do i begin? This game wrote the BOOK on how to do Snowboarding games right....


I was actually pretty surprised with this game when I played it, it was one of the few...


This game is great for biding time.Grphics and soundtracks are really good.Tricks are...


I really enjoyed this game. It has amazing replay value and you won't regret buying...


I very good game, I think, already a classic, thus earning it Platinum status, so it...


SSX is a great game it has a wide range of characters with each has its own stong...


There is many things to do in this game, and you always try your best to get a high...


If you are thinking of buying SSX please don't think twice. Buy it. The launch title...

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