Burnout features high-speed street racing and dramatic crash sequences in real-time as well as detailed slow-motion instant replays. There are 16 courses set around the world, each with their own unique challenges and obstacles.


  • Slide, cut close and drive into oncoming traffic and you'll be rewarded for your risk-taking.
  • Crashes are based on actual crash and damage physics for the ultimate in stunning realism.
  • Instant replays allow you to relive your handiwork from multiple angles, in all of its cringe-inducing, metal-bashing glory.
  • Incredibly advanced traffic AI: civilians try to avoid and warn you while opponents try to slam you off the road!
  • Cruise the United States and Europe on 14 awesome, traffic-filled courses, through cities and into the countryside.
  • Over 300 vehicles can fill the streets and highways making reckless racing and wild demolition almost a certainty.
  • Dolby Digital Surround Sound brings the drama of screeching tires and twisting metal to life.
  • DUALSHOCK analog controller compatible, so you can feel every turn, skid and crash.

Editor's Note:

Previous working title was SRC.

Added on: March 26, 2001

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HullCityTiger33 and 35 others own Burnout
Apr 28, 14 6:52pm
Burnout champ Burnout PS2
Rhn4star0 and 6 others played Burnout
May 21, 12 4:39am
'S all good, I got a copy for AU$4. Yes, four dollars for tthis original epic! And no freezing! So Happy! Burnout PS2
Apr 25, 11 1:14am
Finally got it, then freezes on the very final championship, USA Marathon. Burnout PS2
Jan 27, 10 9:29pm
THE original! the only downside is that I haven't had a chance to play it :( Burnout PS2
Sep 17, 08 7:41pm
added a cheat
The TimeCrisis Champ
Nov 07, 07 1:53am
i got the 2nd so i proberly wont unless its part of an offer or sumthing Burnout PS2
Aug 19, 06 11:26am
Timer is annoying Burnout PS2
Dan the pain
Feb 08, 06 3:31am
Good Crashing Damage. Burnout PS2
Sep 29, 05 7:01am
If you want to Trade or Sell, then e-mail me Burnout PS2
Aug 24, 05 11:17pm
added 20 new screenshots
May 20, 05 1:10am
Great arcade racer Burnout PS2
Apr 04, 05 9:15am

Well to start i dont think it is "the hotest and fastest game" of its year. It was a...

Nov 29, 04 3:34am
good game! Burnout PS2
Sep 19, 04 4:44am
Not As Good As Burnout 2. Burnout PS2
Mr Matthews
Jan 30, 03 2:10pm

I found this to be a pretty descent racing title. By far, one of the years best. It...

Jan 23, 03 6:43am

This is one of the wrost games i ever played. There is nothing good about this game i...

D Ice
Jul 12, 02 4:45am
added a cheat
Apr 30, 02 7:40am

Ive got a lil song that goes something like this: hhmmm hmmm , She came down to the...

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