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Spyro the dragon makes his PS2 debut in Enter the Dragonfly. Step in and foil Ripto's evil plan to capture all the dragonflies in the land and defeat the helpless dragons before it's too late! Master new breath attacks, levels, vehicles, and more.


Gnasty Gnorc and Ripto are back with a plan to steal the Dragonflies of the Dragon Realm. With help from new and old friends, Spyro must avoid obstacles, jump on platforms, ride vehicles, collect gems, and find a way to return the Dragonflies and restore order to the Dragon Realm.

With new powers like electric and bubble breath; new characters; vehicles like tanks, UFO's, rockets and surfboards; and over 30 levels of unique environments including rainbows, tornadoes, monsoons and snowflakes.


  • Dynamic Dragon-Breath - Spyro's breath weapons now include Fire, Ice, Electricity, & even Bubbles.

  • Countless Hours of Gameplay- More than 25 dazzling levels, each with unique weather environments, including rainbows, tornadoes, monsoons and snowflakes.

  • Classic Spyro Action - Avoid obstacles, jump on platforms, ride vehicles, collect gems, and ultimately foil Gnasty and Ripto's evil plan.

  • All-New Vehicles - Navigate through worlds on Tanks, UFO's and a Spitfire.

  • Brand New Collectibles - In addition to the classic gems, you will now need to catch more than one hundred dragonflies

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RikkiChan and 39 others played Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly
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Feb 25, 15 12:27pm
Nice game, never beat it though. I loved Spryo when I was younger. SpyroEnterTheDragonfly GC
Mar 09, 12 8:22am
added a cheat
Oct 26, 11 8:44am
added a cheat
Oct 23, 11 11:43pm
Ugg! Horrible game. Ugg!!! SpyroEnterTheDragonfly PS2
Lone Drifter
Aug 28, 09 8:26pm
Sep 07, 10 2:18pm
fun SpyroEnterTheDragonfly PS2
Mar 08, 09 7:00am
lol my mum loves these games SpyroEnterTheDragonfly PS2
Feb 15, 09 8:54am
never play this either SpyroEnterTheDragonfly PS2
Feb 01, 09 8:27am
Got a good deal on it, never played though. SpyroEnterTheDragonfly PS2
unknown peace
Jan 11, 09 3:22am
not for sale SpyroEnterTheDragonfly PS2
Dark Spyro
Jan 06, 09 8:41pm
added a cheat
Jan 03, 09 2:29pm
Cheesy. Chasing Dragonflys... how original. SpyroEnterTheDragonfly PS2
Dec 12, 08 6:02pm

Back in the mists of time, Spyro was quite different. After three spectacular games,...

Dec 02, 08 2:38am
good SpyroEnterTheDragonfly PS2
Oct 30, 08 4:59am
alright SpyroEnterTheDragonfly PS2
final slayer
May 28, 08 10:57pm
just showing SpyroEnterTheDragonfly PS2
Mar 20, 08 11:14am
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Nov 02, 07 5:55pm
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