Splashdown is a game where you ride around on your SeaDoo doing tricks, racing around, and finding shortcuts and hidden areas. Locales in the game include Hawaii, Lake Havasu (Arizona), Venice (Italy), and Nice (France). The terrain engine is derived from Rainbow Stuido's ATV Offroad Fury.


  • Water racing like it's never been done before! Amazing real-time water with "hydrodynamic" physics including dynamic wakes, rolling waves and turbulence, and interactive physics objects.

  • Choose from 8 wild riders from around the world plus one secret character, each with specific attributes ranging from speed and handling to stunts and agility: Andy Pierce, Hailey Hollister, Kyoko Takahashi, Jeremy Wallace, Rafael Martin, Amman Ra, Juana Lopez and Sebastien Kleinemann. Each rider is fully animated and lifelike to add to the dynamic game play.

  • Blaze across one of 18 different amazingly detailed and exciting race courses spread across the globe: Amazon Jungle, Bali, Bering Strait, Everglades (Florida), Great Barrier Reef (Australia), Hawaii, Lake Havasu (Arizona), Lake Quilotoa (Bolivia), Loch Ness (Scotland), Madrid (Spain), Mission Bay (California), Nice (France), Nile River (Egypt), Rhine River (Germany), Seoul (Korea), Three Rivers (Pennsylvania), Tokyo (Japan), Venice (Italy) and one secret location.

  • Over 20 wild, acrobatic stunts per rider including an exclusive "signature trick": saran wrap, nac-nac, superman, lazy boy, seat surf, air walk, etc.

  • Licensed Sea Doo watercraft, each with custom tuned physics. Sea Doos and riders each have separate, unique physics.

  • Race against your opponents in three different events: Career, Arcade, and Vs. mode. Arcade features four events including Circuit, Time Trials, Countdown, and Free Ride while Vs. features Circuit, Copy cat, Countdown and Free Ride.

  • Pick up different rider wetsuits around each course for 3 extra wetsuits.

  • 3 difficulty levels, hilarious character dialogue/quips and spectacular wrecks and bails complete this wild racing on the water!

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I wouldn't buy this game because there are better RPGs out there, but I would get it...


this is a great game that every one should own. is very fun, great graphics, great...


now i like to consider myself a hard-core gamer ( i mean i dont put down that...


can play forever, great graphics, nonstop gameplay


This game is great. It very might well be one of the best water games ever. I have...


Excellent extreme sports edition to PS2 software shelf. Nice mix of simulation and...

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