Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2 has puzzle and level design aspects as well as good ol' action. The player searches for clues and solve puzzles as he wields his Reaver (blade). Decapitations are one of the new additions to the game.


  • Action-adventure sequel to Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
  • 40 new physical abilities, more weaponry, and relics enhancements
  • Improved puzzle mechanics, time shifts, and spells
  • Hunt down a variety of new enemies
  • Supports 1 player and delivers fluid gameplay

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It has been ten years since Legacy of Kain: Defiance was released in 2003, but perhaps Square Enix feels like now... posted Feb 11, 13 8:33am

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The second in Raziel's tale of revenge. you lose some powers and get new ones SoulReaver2 PS2

As a fan of the Soul Reaver pair, I highly recommed this to anyone who likes a game...

fun, hard, good graphics , and great storyline SoulReaver2 PS2

This is my SECOND FAVORITE GAME in the whole world.
Basically you play as Raziel, who...


Even though I have seen better graphics(like in Final Fantasy X) but you still gotta...


I like challange, and this is one hot game.
A lot strategy and complicated game that is...


I went out on a limb buying this game, and it was a BIG mistake! I'm here to try to...


If you've played and loved the original Soul Reaver on PS One, you will like this...


This game was the best game I'd played for a long while, Everything about it was...


I went out on a limb buying this game, and it was a BIG mistake! I'm here to try to...

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