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Smuggler's Run is a racing game in which you're running from the authorities and other smugglers with a bag of loot. The object of each level is to locate and pick up the gold or loot without getting caught. You can control the cars in your gang.


  • Huge environments - featuring 2 immense new international maps: Afghanistan and Vietnam, complete with palatial temples, ancient ruins, prosperous fishing towns and small bombed out villages.

  • Over 30 daring missions

  • Fully interactive environments full of hazards including minefields, crossfire, and avalanches that raise the stakes, adding fuel to the fire.

  • Incredible vistas - anywhere you can see, you can drive to. Pick a point, miles away on the horizon, and drive there! - if you can make it across hostile territory.

  • Night missions make covert operations twice as deadly.

  • All loot, parts and contraband must be handled with care. Some of the goods may slow you down, some if it may bounce around and break and anything with a biohazard sticker on it will blow up when the timer expires!

  • New, additional vehicles including quad bikes and tank-line military vehicles. All Vehicles take damage and parts fly off during collisions with interactive obstacles.

  • Varying weather conditions (including rain, snow, fog and sandstorms) affect missions and vehicle handling.

  • Fully immersive storyline with full motion video cut scenes, integrating gameplay goals with a detailed, cohesive plot.

  • Enhanced graphics with dynamic reflection mapping and high resolution smoke and particle effects.

  • Enhanced gang and enemy AI.

  • Audio optimization makes full use of the PS2 hardware.

  • Solid 60 Hz framerate.

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I bought this game the day it came out and I have enjoyed it ever since. Its a great...

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This was one of the 1st games I got for the PS2 (year after release of PS2 is when I...

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Although Smugglers run is superbly fun, after an hour or so of play youll either be :-...

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