Sky Surfer (Import) Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 3.9/10

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Sky Surfer (Import) Reviews

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Gamespot 3.9/10 Jun 13 '00
IGN PS2  --- Apr 25 '00
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Sky Surfer (Import) Previews

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IGN PS2 Apr 27 '00
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IGN PS2 on Jun 29 '00

"The basic object is to pull off killer tricks on your board in air. The board is like a snowboard, except you perform tricks in various "in-air" situations. At least one mode shows players dropping..."

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IGN PS2 on Oct 02 '00

"the "special" moves were just a variation on a theme -- spinning around in circles. Both are right on the money. This game is thin and unmotivating. It's hardly fun at all, and too simplistic." "

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