The Simpsons Road Rage Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 6.8/10

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The Simpsons Road Rage Reviews

website score publish date
Game Revolution C+ Dec 07 '01
Gamepen 3.5/5 Dec 21 '01
Gamespot 7.7/10 Nov 23 '01
Gamespot 6.2/10 Dec 03 '01
IGN PS2 5.1/10 Nov 27 '01
PSXNation 8/10 Nov 27 '01
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The Simpsons Road Rage Previews

website publish date
Gamesfirst Sep 05 '01
IGN PS2 Jul 25 '01
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Game Revolution on Dec 10 '01

"After the fun wears off, you'll find Road Rage feels more like stop and go traffic."

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Gamesfirst on Sep 05 '01

"This game is a must for any Simpsons fan, but it might be fun for anyone that enjoyed Crazy Taxi."

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IGN PS2 on Jul 26 '01

"Over 25 Simpson characters, featuring voices, animations and unique relationships with other characters..."

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IGN PS2 on Nov 28 '01

"...liking The Simpsons, liking Crazy Taxi, or liking them both doesn't mean that you're going to like this game. There are some nice ideas here and the developers have done an excellent job of..."

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