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Average Review Score: 6.0/10

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Silent Scope Reviews

website score publish date
Core Magazine C- Nov 27 '00
Da Gameboyz 6.4/10 Feb 07 '01
GameSpot 4.6/10 Oct 30 '00
Gamespot UK 6.7/10 Nov 24 '00
Happy Puppy 7.5/10 Nov 01 '00
IGN PS2 6.4/10 Oct 23 '00
Planet PS2 78% Oct 27 '00
PSXNation 4/10 Nov 18 '00
Solinari Gaming 5.5/10.0 Sep 05 '01
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Silent Scope Previews

website publish date
GameSpot Jun 20 '00
IGN PS2 Jun 23 '00
PS2 Central Oct 02 '00
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Da Gameboyz on Feb 07 '01

"Silent Scope is a pretty safe bet for fans of this genre, but don't expect to be able to flex your PS2 light gun, it's not compatible."

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GameSpot on Oct 02 '00

"Silent Scope on the PlayStation 2 is identical to the arcade version - all the graphics, sounds, and modes are represented exactly like they are in the arcade game..."

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GameSpot on Nov 07 '00

"For an arcade game, Silent Scope has a lot going for it. But the added training mode in the home version doesn't make up for the fact that you can master the game in less than a day."

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IGN PS2 on Jun 29 '00

"Silent Scope's high concept is that you are a sniper, carefully taking out your targets, rather than Chow Yun-Fat recklessly plowing through them. The targeting system works like so. In the arcade,..."

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IGN PS2 on Oct 30 '00

"...there just isn't a whole lot of game here. The six arcade stages add up to a challenge you can shoot your way through in a single sitting, even with the branching missions and difficulty levels."

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