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Silent Hill Origins is the PS2 port of the PSP game, and tells an original story with disturbing graphics and all-new gameplay elements. The game's narrative reveals the origins that transformed Silent Hill from a sleepy town to a hellish stronghold of terror and introduces several new characters to the franchise.

Silent Hill Origins follows a solitary truck driver stranded in Silent Hill while making an ordinary trip. Confronted by perversions of his imagination that mirror his troubled past, he must escape from the town as it falls into ruin and also uncover the truth behind the hallucinations that have haunted him for so long.

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May 05, 10 11:12am

Silent Hill : Origins
Silent Hill : ZERO (Japaneese version name)

This is a unbiased &...

Mar 25, 10 9:28am
This game really scares me. What if, this thing really happened to you? SilentHillOrigins PSP
Dec 14, 09 1:23am
was allright i supose SilentHillOrigins PSP

With all the violent games out there taking heat for allegedly influencing crazies to murder and do other weird... posted Oct 28, 09 7:50pm

Oct 24, 09 5:13am
I heard this game is not made in Japan.. Nice work, America. You created a story based on the original Silent Hill SilentHillOrigins PSP
Jul 24, 09 9:15pm
*thumbs down* hate the graphics SilentHillOrigins PSP
Jul 13, 09 7:03am
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Miss Razz
Jun 25, 09 7:52am
Apr 24, 09 10:58pm
Great graphics, great survival horror game!!!! SilentHillOrigins PSP
Jan 24, 09 2:14pm
Storyline is lacking and doesn't include much to do, aside from the story. SilentHillOrigins PSP
Miss Razz
Nov 02, 08 10:26pm
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Apr 20, 08 9:44pm
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est PSP Horror Game Ever! SilentHillOrigins PSP
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