Silent Hill 4: The Room Own / Want List

Username Comments
wildhazz None
Just a Shadow None
SerialZero None
TheBloodyClawofElena None
pilgrim None
Blackheartedwolf None
Inuyasha64 beat it
Shedevil None
nagual None
Jak66 goretastic
Shady777 MEIN!
Kya12 None
Yupki Yuja None
DenniseA None
Chroma None
kitt160 None
mharbenedict34 None
Mnmfan Complete Bullshit
supermanblue_2000 None
Ikary Loved this game. Excellent Survival Horror.
erkman90 beat it twice
gamer_girl22 None
Dead Ed It's okay, if you're new to Silent Hill
Guardian Of Oblivion Ok Lack Of Puzzles
Robert Ninja None
Setthotep None
doomgirl not played yet, but almost there.
DemonSpirit None
up Luigi 64 None
Alvaroduck None
Dresken None
Sleeping_Dragon None
reploid None
VicRattlehead None
TheFogIsRising None
skatoolaki None
N Z L None
finalfantasyguy13 None
VwVince None
SS6782 None
Shot Colla None
Riou6 None
Cozy47 None
spunkytexan None
solidfranz None
Le_Avatar None
alpha zero None
antianara None
Phantomreez Lame.. hope SH5 isn't as lame as this one