In this action packed adventure based on the classic Shining Force series, you awake as a young man named Xion in the fortress city of Shildia with no memory of your past. The only clues to your identity lie within two mysterious rings that empower you and your traveling companion with fantastical abilities. When the great city is attacked by the Rune Geist Empire, you and eight loyal companions are thrown into a chaotic journey of war and discovery. Each companion affects both your psyche and the paths you take, as you fight valiantly to protect the city and uncover your true identity.


  • Unique 2 player cooperative battle system brings multiple gameplay options.
  • Partner bonding system effects storyline and scenarios, allows for more than eight possible endings.
  • Create over 30 possible attack combinations with Link Attacks.
  • Get ready! Up to 50 enemies can appear on screen at once.
  • Player 2 can play as the AI partner character, or import a character from a previously saved game.
  • Over 300 items to collect across more than 70 different battle stages with unique terrain and weather.
  • Over 100 upgradeable skills from sword attacks to witchery.
  • Switch modes and attack at close range with a wide variety of combat skills as a Dark Warrior or defend with long range skills as a Light Warrior.

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