Players take on the role of Oscar, a poor fish whose get-rich-quick schemes never seem to work. Oscar owes a loan shark 5,000 clams, and he's supposed to sell an heirloom to pay it off. Instead, he bets on a race. He loses, and soon the loan shark's son Lenny is after him. When Oscar and Lenny meet, however, they find themselves becoming fast friends. Lenny hatches a plan to get Oscar the fame and fortune he needs: Oscar will beat up Lenny and become known as the shark slayer. The plan goes downhill, of course, and getting Oscar out of it and other situations will require players to overcome a variety of different levels.


  • The Only Game That Lets You Relive the Shark Tale Film and Beyond:
  • Play as Oscar, the fish with more of "it" than any other lead character--he is a smooth talking extrovert who exudes humor and a quirky sense of confidence.
  • Relive story locations as well as unique environments and situations in more than 25 adventure-packed missions.
  • Movie inspired and licensed music.
  • Shark Tale Delivers More Variety of Gameplay Than Any Other Movie-inspired Game
  • Adventure - Experience Reef City first hand from working at the Whale Wash, sneaking through the Sunken Liner to exploring Oscar's gritty neighborhood.
  • Race - Careen through a bustling underwater metropolis dodging traffic, buildings, and bridges; smashing signs, boxes, and crates as you attempt to outrace your opponent.
  • Fight - Never-before-seen fighting moves including smack talk, "Fish Fu", tail slaps, fin boxing and head butts.
  • Dance - Uniquely choreographed hip hop dance moves.
  • Experience the Hip Culture of Reef City
  • Captures the vibe of the movie through a combination of original and licensed R&B / hip-hop music from classic & current artists.
  • Game features boogie down and get funky gameplay where players must mix and match dance moves and follow a stream of fast-paced/directed commands.
  • Lets players interact with the urban environments of Reef City.

Hardware Requirements

8MB Playstation 2 Memory Card required.
270KB minimum space needed to save.
Analog Control Compatible: All Buttons.
Vibration Function Compatible.

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