Scarface: The World Is Yours Own / Want List

Username Comments
Ajax None
Wyldone None
tubza None
Deathsythe None
bbiel182 Great game
Jak66 Say Hello To One Of The Best PS2 Titles!
gunnar23 None
Kokoro None
actiongamer None
Vergil Ties None
legendkiller_rko None
Gamesta100 None
Honor best gang game since the godfather
nasty nappa None
Spyder 232 None
lordzamme None
GamaerFan101 None
RonandinhoDAMAN None
Keegan59 None
solidfranz Collector's edition
phxsuns4life None
godofgame67 None
vladlobo None
sparrowbird666 GTA but not as long and boring, a kick a** game!
spider35 None
liltimmy7 good game
danmanlfc amazing game
quickfinger awsome game, not recomeneded for little ones though
StrikerSe7en None
MyKey2008 None
Wilda15 None
Fortitudo None
mr whiskers None
CarnageHurts None
skiysid None
Calex1395 None
Ceser None
cherry25 None
josyuka32 None
yukimurasanada None
tom001100 None
flurofreak None
Undead Marston None
Chimaira None
Aevers None
smackdown None
eazy101 None
Abyss Raider None
hotshotlover05 None