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Average Review Score: 5.5/10

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Savage Skies Reviews

website score publish date
Adrenaline Vault 2/5 May 08 '02
Electric Playground 6.5/10 Apr 08 '02
Game Revolution 42% May 08 '02
Gamenikki 6.5/10 Apr 02 '02
GameSpot 5.4/10 Apr 04 '02
Gamespy 52/100 Apr 18 '02
Hotgames 4/5 Apr 12 '02
IGN PS2 4.0/10 Apr 03 '02
Media & Games Online 6/10 Apr 04 '02
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Savage Skies Previews

website publish date
IGN PS2 Apr 10 '01
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Game Revolution on May 08 '02

"...the developers seem to have set their sights high but failed in almost every regard. You'd be well advised to forget that this game even exists, the only thing it succeeds in doing is inducing..."

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Gamenikki on Apr 12 '02

"...guts or not it’s hard to overlook the myriad of things that have gone to pot in this game. The graphics, the wailing electric guitar and the clunky control issues. I might possibly say the game..."

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GameSpot on Apr 05 '02

"Savage Skies can be entertaining at times, so it's not bad. But its flaws generally outweigh its strengths."

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Gamespy on Apr 19 '02

"Savage Skies has a few things going for it, but overall it has a hard time getting off the ground."

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Hotgames on Apr 12 '02

"Savage Skies is a better dragon riding game than some of the stuff that's been out there. It doesn't damage the reputation of fantasy games, but it doesn't make any spectacular leaps and bounds..."

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