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With Ancient China as the backdrop, Romance of the Three Kingdoms IX chronicles the events of 2nd and 3rd century, when a once grand empire fell into civil war. Starting with the Chinese Empire falling vicitm to a rebellion, play through 100 years worth of battles and prove that you are a true leader.


  • Individual emotion for more all the characters
  • More than 650 playable characters
  • Players will also be able to choose from five social classes: sovereign, viceroy, prefect, vassal, or free officers
  • Rely on your officer's stats - including logic, profit, and awe to bring you opponant down on the bargaining table
  • Over 200 playable missions
  • Tutorial System to help you get started
  • Play as more than one character at a time
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My favorite one in the series. RomanceOfTheThreeKingdomsX PS2
Oct 02, 05 6:35pm
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Aug 18, 05 10:00am
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Jun 25, 05 3:18am

The most highlighted feature in my opinion though is the more customisable character...

Jun 24, 05 7:42pm

great game, a must for any war/simulation/ROTK/DW fan.

Theres more to unlock in this...

Mobious one
May 01, 05 4:52pm
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