A sudden upsurge in seemingly organized gang crime has left the city in turmoil. In response to this unprecedented escalation of violence, the Mayor has declared a state of emergency and formed an elite counter-gang division of the Police Department: Unit T-Zero.

Comprised of the cream of police officers in the city, they are specially trained in all areas of urban combat, armed with the very latest in high power weaponry and have special powers of authority.


Roll Call follows a year in the life of Nick Mason, an ex-US Marine turned Unit T-Zero officer. Through his eyes experience the unpredictable life of an elite cop in the middle of a full-scale riot as he works with the emergency services in a desperate fight to prevent his city being brutalized by vicious gangs.


Explosive 1st-person action on the streets of a city at melting point
Cutting-edge graphics engine with incredible fire effects including lethal backdrafts and Molotov cocktails
Stunning game worlds brought to life using Havok physics
Fully customizable weaponry featuring the very latest in high-power firearms
Intelligent AI that adapts to the player's ability
Intense online multiplayer featuring unique team-based urban warfare scenarios
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