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Average Review Score: 8.0/10

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Rogue Galaxy Reviews

website score publish date
Game Freaks 365 8.6/10 Feb 20 '07
Game Informer 9.0/10 Jan 30 '07
GameBrink 85% Dec 19 '05
GamerNode 8.5/10 Feb 04 '07 3/10 Dec 30 '08
RPGFan 80% Feb 19 '07
The Armchair Empire 8/10 Mar 22 '07
Game Chronicles Magazine 9.0/10 Feb 11 '07
Gamespot 8.0/10 Jan 24 '07
Gamespy 4.5/5 Jan 19 '07
Gaming-Age B Jan 30 '07
IGN PS2 8.7/10 Jan 31 '07
Yahoo! Gamesource 4/5 Jan 30 '07
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Rogue Galaxy Previews

website publish date
Gamer Within Aug 15 '05
Gamespy Apr 28 '06
IGN PS2 Apr 25 '06
RPGFan Aug 25 '06
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Game Freaks 365 on Feb 20 '07

"Rogue Galaxy is certainly one of the most enjoyable RPGs I have played in my time. Not once during this game did I ever feel like there was nothing to be done. Unfortunately for hardcore RPG fans,..."

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Game Informer on Jan 31 '07

"You could call this a role-playing game, and you certainly wouldn’t be wrong, but to me Rogue Galaxy is more than just an RPG in a genre already filled with slaves to convention. No, this game is..."

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Gamespy on Jan 22 '07

"I salute you, Level-5: your new game has ruined my life as well as any MMO ever has, but like an MMO, I wish that Rogue Galaxy's story and characters were more engrossing. Rogue Galaxy's greatest..."

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IGN PS2 on Jan 31 '07

"Rogue Galaxy definitely brings the noise to longtime RPG fans. Though its storyline isn't on the same level as other great PS2 games in the genre, its mixture of strong combat mechanics, addictive..."

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