Rogue Galaxy story follows Jaster Rogue, a young man with avid dreams of exploring the galaxy. Unfortunately for him the planet where he lives, Rosa, has been invaded by the Longadia Commonwealth because of the natural resources of the planet, and it's citizens enslaved and forbidden from ever leaving. Thanks to a few misunderstandings and a series of fortunate events however, Jaster is recruited by a gang of space pirates, and joins the crew of the pirate ship Dorgenark-Go and her captain Dorgengoa. Immediately he finds himself in a galaxy-wide search with the crew for a legendary planet said to hold the secret to eternal life.


  • Improved from the Japanese version with features like 2000 additional voice lines and a fifth planet.
  • Extra items, weapons, monsters, costumes and special moves.
  • An amazing voice cast and soundtrack.
  • Combat similar to Kingdom Hearts 2 and Final Fantasy XII, which means transitionless battles.
  • Eight different playable characters.

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Rogue Galaxy

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