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Robot Alchemic Drive simulates the operation of a remote-controlled metal titan in crowded, active urban environments. Use your giant robot as a tool to defeat enemies, complete missions, and much more. Treat your robot well and you will be rewarded. Abuse your robot and, well, you'll wish you hadn't. Slug your way to victory over colossal opponents in brutal hand-to-hand combat (plus missiles, lasers, shooting fists, boomerangs, and much more).


  • Unique control mechanism simulates remote control of huge robots.

  • Fully usable/destructible environments- if you see it, you can crush it, stomp on it, knock it down. You can even head up to the top of a skyscraper to view the action.

  • Intense graphics bring crammed urban cities to life. Classically designed robots move/transform realistically.

  • Innovative design enables incredible sense of scale.

  • R&D system enables customization and enhancement of robots.

  • Story-driven gameplay provides depth lacking in other "giant robot" titles.

  • Crossover appeal to action/adventure fans and fans of giant transforming robots and anime.
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Robot Alchemic Drive:
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