Rez is a stylish shooter with a rhythmic twist which takes place in a virtual world. Your character is a hacker of sorts, flying on-rails through six levels of cyberspace in search of Eden, the central AI contained somewhere within the world. The game starts out with a very barebones-looking character and world made up of simple lines. But as you evolve and as you move from layer to layer, the game gets more and more complex.


  • A stunning reinvention of the shooting game
  • Wire-frame adventure backed by industrial beats
  • Dreamlike cyber-environments
  • Your actions affect the music and graphics
  • Journey to the center of a futuristic network

Hardware Requirements

Trance Vibrator: Vibrates in guidance to the music during the game.

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I bow down to Segas courage to venture into something completely original with Rez....

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  • Genre: Shooter (PS2)
  • Developer: UGA
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Released
    North AmericaJan 9, 2002
    EuropeFeb 22, 2002
    JapanNov 30, 2001
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