Resident Evil: Outbreak Own / Want List

Username Comments
LevenderGirl None
Blue_Kitty92 None
Chimaira None
Shedevil None
HatchetMan777 pretty cool. the hunters have definitley improved!!!
SerialZero None
Tempest None
Megatonguilmon None
Flipside None
Sheik Skynight IT ROCKS!
Mr Dumass None
MPegasus None
Super_Cholo None
JohnnyDamonGirl None
Caanon None
nagual None
lord of vice city None
swordblood20 None
AyuNetmd14 None
Principality None
Quetzalcoatl The game is a bit scratched but it is still good
Kudd None
Drew Gooden None
salzera None
feedermouse Glitches with Alyssa
Diana None
Aeris_2004 None
Ijiero None
DragonMaster Dyne None
vixtro None
snakekiller None
xJadeNx Great game once you get used to it. I'm a hardcore RE fan, and I was angry at first, but now I love this game.
zerowolf_19 great
Storm None
shade279 None
DougDanmana It has some class actually..
MattchuLB Definitely different for a RE game. Online looked horrid though. The servers are no longer up. :(
Verdugo_X2L None
Setthotep None
Plastic World None
KaibasAngel None
legendkiller_rko None
kingdraconus None
ProjectWesker None
crackheadtrent None
Final Fantasy Angel7 None
Resident Evil 2 None
DemonSpirit None
Zolmation None