Resident Evil: Dead Aim Own / Want List

Username Comments
coopz651 None
Setthotep None
msjazz79 None
Inuyasha64 beaten it
Shedevil Not as good as i thought it would be
Diana None
kymo124 Resident Evil is back on the Playstation 2 in this terrifying gun shooter game. I don
Kataki None
shade279 None
KaibasAngel None
Chimaira None
DemonSpirit None
Jdogtoocool None
top_amman None
Barnhawk None
TheFogIsRising None
TA Longhair None
Luigi 96 None
SS6782 None
Agent Mo None
StrawberryDiamond825 Don`t know where it is.
xxivanxx None
Ryuzaki _L None
Le_Avatar None
sparrowbird666 fun but not like RE, still cool
Leon745 None
Rasberyl None
xXIsaIsaXx None
Untamed_skies None
frostlynx792 None
irishwitch None
geargod None
ResidentEvilAngus13 None
bludeflame None
beboto None
deathball5 None
galactica None
imok2009 None
ashischarmed None
MilkyPink None
ultraleft4dead None
TragicHeroX None
GuardianReaper None
dimensionman83 None
blackgbb None
masterspiff None
Death Seeker42 None
Jeshiix None
tearless None