Resident Evil 4 Completed

Username Completion Date Achievements
RizzyJay Sep 7, 2011 None
Matrim63 Sep 26, 2010 HANDCANNON,prl412,ct,beat assignment ada and seperate ways,got over 10000000 pesestas at one time
MsHarrierIIVSTOL Jul 10, 2009 None
Black Bee 1 Jun 11, 2009 Unlocked Everything. Maxed up the money. Completed Mercenaries. Completed Separate Ways. Completed Assignment Ada. Completed main game all 3 difficulty. Fully upgrade Handcanon.
lieutenant88pl Jan 1, 2009 None
doomstar May 21, 2008 None
coopz651 Dec 7, 2007 Finished the game and then did all the bonuse rounds.
elemily Dec 1, 2007 I played through the story mode on normal then did the bonus stories
gonzab Aug 4, 2007 None
WangChung Jul 30, 2007 None
ATOMIC BOY Jul 1, 2007 None
headshot91491 Jun 24, 2007 None
TehContradiction Jun 1, 2007 Easiest RE game out there probably. But just as fun.
foxkiller7 Apr 23, 2007 Got the handcannon, P.R.L. 412, Chicago Typewritter, and the Infinit Rocket Launcher.
Dragon Spawn Apr 21, 2007 None
HeLforce Apr 6, 2007 The best game ever!!!
skatoolaki Jan 1, 2007 I've completed the game three times - and now spend my time on the Mercenary games. This is, by far, my favorite PS2 game of all-time.
Chimaira Nov 30, 2006 None
weskraudaon Nov 10, 2006 This is my favorite game ever. Mercenaries is fun, the main game, controls, everything about this game is awesome.
DemonSpirit Nov 5, 2006 Have all secret weapons (including Hand Cannon, that laser gun and just for the heck of it have stored the special rocket launcher)
Gameplay Nov 1, 2006 None
crackheadtrent Oct 20, 2006 Found it hard at first, but did it in the end. Now on my 9th play through, and my Punisher, Striker and Rifle are so upgraded the game's too easy!
HatchetMan777 Oct 10, 2006 man, this blew my mind.
Solid Snake 4Life Oct 1, 2006 First time through took awhile but I was able to earn 700,000 pintas.
Dave Young Sep 29, 2006 beatimg this game is like overcoming something that's been in your way for ages!!!!!!!!!!! i adore this game!!!!!
JacksonDavis Sep 17, 2006 None
drey the game legend Jul 18, 2006 i got the chicago typewriter and nearly have enough for the infinite roket launcher i've completed it four times i've completed seperate ways thats really it
Seung Feb 1, 2006 None
soraskingdom Jan 1, 2006 None
Shedevil Jan 1, 2006 I Love This GAME! ^.^
Andy Jan 1, 2006 - All 3 difficulty modes completed. - All Mercenaries Completed
megaman en m Jan 1, 2006 i have beaten this game 9 times in easy 2 times normal 1 time in pro i have the Chicago typewriter, the infinite rocketlauncher and the PRL.
Lycanthrope Jan 1, 2006 One of the greatest games ever. 10/10 Beat pro diffaculty and Ada's story and assignment. Unlocked everything except the Handcannon. Completed all the merc. missions and unlocked them all, just need to get all the stars.
Harceru Jan 1, 2006 None
BigBhaarlokzMon Jan 1, 2005 I've done Easy difficulty 3 times, haven't done Normal or Hard yet, done Seperate Ways and Project Ada and most of the Mercenaries thing
Just a Shadow Jan 1, 2005 None
SerialZero No completion date *Unlocked and purchased the infinite ammo rocket launcher *Unlocked and purchased the Chicago Typewriter
DenniseA No completion date One of the best games that I could ever ask for. Truthfully, this is one of the games that I can beat in various times without actually getting bored of it. ^-^
Supa Saiyan Gogetta No completion date None
Chaos Seraph No completion date None
MattchuLB No completion date None
Tom No completion date None
wildhazz No completion date None
Joshua Mackley No completion date None
LEZARFD No completion date None
Double_En No completion date None
Yumaru No completion date None
supreme kai No completion date None
Besaid Blitzballer No completion date None
Robert Ninja No completion date None