Red Faction Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.1/10

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Red Faction Reviews

website score publish date Gaming A May 29 '01
Game Power Australia 3/4 Jun 14 '01
Game Revolution B Jun 09 '01
gameON 82% Aug 10 '01
GameSpot 8.8/10 May 22 '01
Gaming-Age B Jun 06 '01
Happy Puppy 9.5/10 Jun 01 '01
Hotgames 4.5/10 Jun 06 '01
IGN PS2 9.1/10 May 25 '01
PSX Extreme 9/10 Jun 05 '01
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Red Faction Previews

website publish date
Game Informer May 31 '00
Games Radar UK Feb 15 '01
Gamesmania Apr 19 '01
GameSpot Aug 17 '00
GameSpot Apr 16 '01
Gamespot UK Jan 10 '01
Gamespot UK Feb 07 '01
Gamespot UK Jan 11 '01
Gamespot UK Jan 12 '01
IGN PS2 Apr 03 '01
PSXNetwork Dec 03 '00
» Submit a preview link Gaming on Aug 31 '01

"Volition and THQ have definitely come up with a winner. Red Faction both acknowledges everything that was good in games such as Half-Life and Goldeneye, and outdoes them in numerous ways. This is..."

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Game Informer on Nov 28 '00

"20 3D levels highlight the title, and multiplayer support will definitely be a feature in Red Faction. Aside from the typical atomic-bomb-with-a-trigger weapons are the land, sea, and air vehicles..."

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Game Power Australia on Jun 15 '01

"The Geo-Mod innovation and slick control scheme will keep you playing, even when the arsenal and level design get bland and you begin wondering whether revolutions are supposed to be a bit more..."

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Game Revolution on Jun 11 '01

"...Red Faction is a montage of innovation and disappointment. It brings to the table a mixed feast generously laced with Geo-Mod fun and decent gameplay, but the difficult control and platform..."

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gameON on Aug 10 '01

"Red Faction`s gameplay is drawn from Half-Life, new elements are added to it (the Geo-Mod technology in particular) and is then reintroduced on screen with a more futuristic and "political" edge. "

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